Title: The Future of Work: A Deep Dive with Maria and Roger

On this special episode of Culture Stew, Maria and Roger take the microphone and have an in-depth conversation about what it means to be at work today.

Multiple aspects of our lives have changed over the past few years. Our priorities, what makes us happy, our values, and our interests have shifted whether we were aware of them or not. In the workplace, employees are also noticing these shifts and are taking more time to state their needs and interests.

In the Culture Stew Newsletter over the past two months, we have been discussing these shifts and what they mean for the future of work. On the top of this list, and where Maria and Roger spend some time on the podcast, is talking about flexibility in our choices, along with the importance of equitable workspaces, and how we need to continue to pay attention to our needs and others: Especially when it comes to managing and leading a team.

What do you need in your workspace to thrive, feel included, and do your best work? What do you need in your life to feel fulfilled? We discuss all of these today on Culture Stew!

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