The Mi Hermana Show

My sister is going to kill me for this one…

Laura and I should have been child actors.  We were hilarious.  We were years ahead of our time.  We created our own late night talk show, aptly entitled, “The Mi Hermana Show.”  We essentially stole my dad’s camcorder after being super hyped up on too many gummy bears and recorded our first delightful episode at around 1am one Saturday night in our basement.

I sported a sombrero, goggly glasses, and lipstick in my teeth.  Laura wore black felt braids with red bows, glasses from the thrift shop that must have belonged to an 88-year old bat, and a flamenco skirt.

Our opening credits were some feaux-Spanish guitar music played in a CD player that essentially just sounded like, “Oh-ohh-ooh-ooohh-oooh….oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-ooohh-oh-oh!”  We shimmied and shook our booties into the camera lens, flashing our lipstick stained teeth, and then settled into our seats for the show to begin.

Our show mainly focused on things we loved–like Oprah, our bunny rabbit, and Anderson Cooper–and things we detested–like crushes who broke our youthful hearts (because sadly, we were old enough at this point to have such things) and kids we hated babysitting.

We made up fart songs, squeezed our poor bun-bun until her eyes looked like they’d pop out of her head, and acted like complete fools.    It was magical.  Until we heard Dad yelling at the top of the stairs through clenched teeth, “Godammit, what are you crazy broads doing?!”

At this point, the video shows our looks of simultaneous hilarity and panic, and Laura whispers, “Gotta go, bye!” while I giggle and turn off the Record button.

We have used that video not only for our own personal enjoyment and nostalgia, but also to test out the staying power of potential husbands.  It was a rite of passage.  If they could watch those videos and still love us enough to propose, then they were the right men for the job.  Actually, I’m fairly certain they are the only two men on this Earth who have seen those videos.  We never trusted anyone else to watch our creative masterpiece.

And no.  There are no copies.  Well…maybe there is one.  But you are TOTALLY not going to see that.  Ever.

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  1. Laura

    Thank you for not including any photographic evidence from this or for telling everybody what my debut song was about…

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