The Emotional Journey of DEI: Navigating Resistance and Advocacy


That’s a Wrap on Season 5 of Culture Stew!

We’ve come to the end of another incredible season of Culture Stew. Thank you to all our amazing guests who brought insights, laughter, and profound lessons to our conversations.

In this season finale, hosts Maria Morukian and Roger Moreano dive deep into the emotional journey of DEI work, addressing both the heartfelt challenges and the practical hurdles of navigating resistance and advocacy. They explore the emotional toll DEI work can take, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and validating this labor.

Maria and Roger discuss how essential it is to foster environments where individuals can openly share their struggles and set realistic boundaries. They also underline the significance of building authentic relationships with marginalized communities, practicing self-care, and maintaining accountability in this demanding field.

Tune in as they share personal stories of facing pushback and resistance, offering valuable insights and advice on how to persevere and thrive in DEI work.

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