Tech Can Do Better: Addressing Disparities in Tech with Moses Harris & Lawrence Humphrey

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are crucial topic for any industry. One industry in particular that has been under the spotlight for the lack of diversity representation as well as exclusionary and inequitable work environments for diverse identity groups.

Wired Magazine recently wrote an article about Silicon Valley’s diversity and recruitment structures that actually hinder opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. Current and former tech workers from a variety of tech firms told Wired about the prominence of what they call ‘diversity theater,” which refers to performative actions and PR moves that not only don’t serve lasting change but can actually make things even harder for employees of color and women.

My guests this week are working to hold tech to a higher standard of performance, and they’re doing it from the inside.

Lawrence Humphrey and Moses Harris are the co-founders of Tech Can [Do] Better, a movement founded by Black tech employees to make the industry work better for people of color and marginalized groups. They are on a mission to drive equitable, measurable, and enforceable policies within the tech industry to elevate Black and Brown employees and communities.


Tech Can [Do] Better is a call to action. Their  proposal was co-designed by over 100 contributors across 40 companies, who believe in the power of technology to redefine what’s possible and to reshape the status quo that continues to perpetuate systemic racism.

Listen to the episode here!

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