Our Services
Research overwhelmingly shows the power of a positive perspective when it comes to individual, team, and organizational success. When we focus on what we have the power to control and influence, and build on our individual and collective strengths, values, and diversity of perspectives, we achieve far greater results.
MSM Global's suite of professional services offers a holistic and positive approach to organizational culture change, team capacity building, and individual leadership development. 
MSM Global will meet you wherever you are in your journey, and serve as a partner and guide to help you achieve your vision for success.
  1. Coaching
    Coaching empowers leaders at all levels to work toward their professional and personal aspirations. Coaching focuses on building the fulfilling, balanced, successful lives clients wish for themselves, and help them remove barriers to success.
  2. Training
    Our experiential training programs are customizable to meet the needs of your organization. Topics range from: - Leadership Skills - Supervisory Skills - Diversity and Inclusion - Intercultural Communication - Adaptability/Managing Change - Building Resilience - Conflict Resolution - Communication Skills
  3. Assessment
    We offer organizational, team, and individual assessments to gather baseline data, accurately determine challenges and opportunities, and monitor progress over time. Anything from climate and culture assessments to individual conflict style instruments, we will conduct the assessments, make strategic recommendations, and facilitate change.
  4. Organizational Development
    We offer consultative partnership with organizations to craft vision, mission, and value statements, engage in strategic and tactical planning, and build cohesive, high-functioning teams.
  5. Facilitation
    We facilitate meetings and workshops to help new and existing teams effectively function, manage group conflict, and achieve collective goals. We use appreciative and positive approaches to encourage teams to harness their power even in the most challenging situations, with a focus on building strong relationships and higher efficiency.
  6. Presentations & Public Speaking
    We offer interactive, lively, and thought-provoking presentations on issues related to leadership and management, personal growth and success, organizational strategy, diversity and inclusion, and much more.

Our Clients

MSM Global has worked with a wide array of clients in the government, nonprofit, and corporate sectors. We customize our solutions to fit the client's specific needs and challenges, and receive the highest levels of feedback in terms of the quality of our training, consulting, and coaching services. 
World Bank
Spitzer Auto World
Transurban Development
Syngenta Seeds, LLC
Delta Airlines 
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Department of the Navy
U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Department of Treasury
U.S. Department of Interior
General Services Administration
Government Accountability Office
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Securities and Exchange Commission
U.S. Library of Congress
U.S. Postal Service
Central Conference of American Rabbis
Hebrew Union College
Association of Certified Chartered Accountants
Medical Device Innovation Consortium 
Lorain Public Schools
Association for Women Geoscientists

MSM Global will meet you wherever you are in your journey , and serve as a partner and guide to help you achieve your vision for success.