Pedals and Perspectives: Navigating Life’s Adventures with Ryan Van Duzer


Pedals and Perspectives: Navigating Life’s Adventures with Ryan Van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer, a Boulder native and seasoned adventurer, as he shares his incredible journey of falling in love with bicycle travel. Growing up in the scenic landscapes of Colorado, Ryan’s early exposure to the Rocky Mountains and the outdoors instilled in him a deep respect for nature, a value that continues to shape his life.

From the open-minded and progressive community of Boulder to his experiences as a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras, Ryan’s tales resonate with the importance of connecting with people and cultures. Discover how a once shy kid evolved into a confident explorer, fostering rich cultural exchanges with communities around the world.

As Ryan takes you on a ride through his adventures, from selling newspaper subscriptions in Boulder to cycling through remote villages in Baja Mexico, you’ll gain insights into the transformative power of travel. Explore the challenges he faced, from storms and hurricanes to unexpected encounters, and learn how each experience contributed to his unique perspective on life. There’s even a moving tale about 2023’s Burning Man!

Ryan’s stories highlight the beauty of embracing the unknown, the importance of open hearts in connecting with others, and the richness that comes from immersing oneself in diverse cultures. Join us for an inspiring episode that celebrates the spirit of adventure, human connection, and the magic of the open road.

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