Ok…start running!

Here we go!  I feel like I’m at the top of a roller coaster and in that second of silence before the plummet, when everything slows down for a moment, and I can feel the blood pumping through my veins with greater thickness and purpose, like my body is saying, “this is the end, my friend, better be ready.”  All that drama to say this is my first official blog post.  Well, nobody in my life has ever accused me of being under dramatic.

I’m anxious and excited to figure out what this blog will be.  I’ve decided that the only way for me to get cracking (after 4 years of procrastinating) is to engage in some sort of “365 days of” blogging commitment. I did a search for blogs that related to 365 days of and found the following:

  • 365 days of slow cooking
  • 365 days of trash
  • 365 days of fun in marriage (seriously…with posts named “Acrostic of Love” and “Bits of Intrigue” and “Feel Your Spouse’s Skin…”

So…yeah.  Um, I was thinking more along the lines of daily musings about my family, my life, and my work.  I particularly plan to talk about my family, with a history that is at times poignant and illustrative of the nobility of humankind, and at times just absolutely batsh*t.

This is going to be fun.  Stay tuned, friends.

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  1. Laura

    I’m so glad you finally started writing this Ria…and excited to hear all the embarrassing family stories

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