Mother’s Day

We may have lost our own mother at a young age, but that doesn’t mean we have lacked in the mother arena our entire lives.  A cadre of incredible women have guided us, loved us, schooled us, to become the strong females we are today.  This is a tribute to all of the women who serve as mothers in our no particular order:

Kathy & Carol: When we see them, there’s a split second where our own mother is so present, in their faces, their smiles, their snarky wit, and their enduring devotion to us as their unofficial daughters.
Carole: For a woman who could be referred to as a babysitter, she is our second mommy, our confidante, our drill sergeant, and our moral compass.  (We still her her keys jingling in our heads when we’re misbehaving!)
Camille: Our adopted mom has been a steadfast presence since birth, with fierce love, “give it to you straight” lessons, and no shortage of “F-bombs.”
Pat: She is the woman who always brings what you need before you know you need it.  She is the effervescent caregiver who is most happy when she can do something for the people she loves.
Meline: A sweet and sassy broad, she taught us to appreciate human connection and the importance of family.
Suzanne: She was the ultimate lady, delicate and wide-eyed.  She devoted herself to her own mother in a time of great need. She taught us many life lessons about boys and our eyebrows, much to our embarrassment.
Debbie: She is the ultimate mom in charge.  She’s funny and loving and devoted to her family and children.  And that woman makes a damn good pasta sauce.
Patty:  She’s happiest when she’s giving to her kids.  She thinks of the little things, focused on making life easier for those she loves.  She is a quiet observer, until she gets behind the wheel.  Then, watch out!

Varush/Val/Pops:  The only man who deserves tribute in this post.  He was our father and mother in one.  He took us shopping for prom dresses.  He gave us hair advice.  He hugged us and told us not to worry.  He taught us to enjoy whatever came our way as a part of this sweet and precarious life.

All of these individuals who have served in a mother role for us shared certain qualities.  They gave themselves fully.  They were most joyful when they could give their love, support, guidance, and wisdom to their “children,” be they blood relatives or not.  Although we sometimes joke that we are “orphans,” we know we are supremely lucky that we have been blessed with a multitude of individuals to model what it means to be a mom.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Laura

    As one of the co-editors on this I am very pleased with how it came out! Loved getting to celebrate Mothers Day with you complete with our lesbian brunch, geriatric cruise and Vadush approved feast con ocho bottles of wine. Rosie is one lucky girl with an amazing mom

  2. mmorukian

    Some women celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and high tea. We seem to have missed that memo. I’d rather hang out on a boat with 80 year olds and an uber passionate Vietnam Vet Ship Captain any day.

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