“Live life Globalisciously!” How to with Patricia Malidor-Coleman

Live life Globalisciously!” How to with Patricia Malidor-Coleman

We return with another fantastic lineup of guests to discuss their stories, careers, and hopes for the future.

Over the next 7 episodes, we will speak with authors, practitioners, researchers, educators, creators and doers!

In this joyful and inviting conversation, Maria and Roger discuss identity, storytelling, and what it means to be Globaliscious with
Patricia Malidor-Coleman.

Patricia Malidor Coleman, due to a long career in the Travel Industry & Hospitality, specializes in International Business, Cross-Cultural consulting and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training in various fields such as International Education, Global Mobility, Global Corporate Compliance, Global Talent acquisition and Management.  She has studied, taught and done business internationally for over 30 years. Ms. Coleman is very well acquainted with the various behavioral science profiles encountered in diverse market place locally and globally due to her personal life experience, rich ethnic heritage and diversified career achievements. She is a dual citizen of France and the USA.  

 She has developed and delivered various training, seminar and workshop sessions for study abroad, expatriate executives relocating overseas with their families, companies aiming at penetrating international markets, reaching a diverse clientele, providing multicultural service excellence, or managing a diverse workforce.  

 Much of her work has been combined with a highly trusted consulting practice for educational institutions in support of international student integration, global companies worldwide assisting in working effectively with virtual teams across cultures, talent development and management in cultural competence, global implementation of franchises, careful integration of mission statement, marketing programs and procedures in respect to local culture.  

 Her achievements include but not limited to improved employee morale of local and global teamwork, improved customer service, successful negotiations, increase sales and productivity, effective and timely communications through careful screening of cross-cultural etiquette, social, economic, and political acceptance from one country to another. (Europe, West Africa, U.S.A, Canada and select Latin America and Caribbean countries). 

Ms Coleman’s strength is bringing people together regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or generational gap. Her coaching techniques start each client with a look within of their personal and cultural identity raising awareness of their values and beliefs. Bridging such awareness to the roots of culture of any country they do business with creates a human bond via understanding, acceptance and respect of the other which benefits the bottom line of the company in the end.    

Ms Coleman is also know as Ms Globaliscious, a brand raising awareness of the uniqueness of cultural differences and multi-cultural identity and competence. She is the co-author of Cultural Detective-African American  as well as the author and lead facilitator of the seminars series: “Face of Women around the world”, “What are you? You don’t look French” (Stories of identity in a diverse world), “Working with virtual teams”, The French American Love/Hate relationship: Pourquoi? Why not!”, “Doing business in the Caribbean is No vacation”, “Successful communication across cultures with a smile”, “Study abroad is NO game” (student athletes) and more. 

Education: Ms Coleman holds a Life Coach certification from CTA recognized by International Coaching Federation, a B.A degree in International Business and Modern Languages from Eckerd College of St. Petersburg in Florida, USA. An M.B.A. degree with concentration in International Business and Marketing from Tampa College in Tampa, Florida, USA. Languages: Fluent in English and French, Advanced; Spanish. Basic to Intermediate knowledge of Portuguese, German, Russian, and Swedish.  

She is a former president of SIETAR USA, a member of the SIETAR Global Leadership Network.  

Active professional engagements with CLIA IATA of travel industry. She periodically appears in various private & public educational institutions and convention centers events as speaker endorsing global harmony, etiquette, and diversity in the workforce in a constantly changing world. 

Learn more about Patricia and connect with her here:
IG @azworldconnect @Miss Globaliscious


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