EMBER: Igniting and Sustaining a Community of Equity Practitioners

October 8-11, 2024

Did you know that the embers of a fire burn hotter than the flames? Embers ignite the flames and sustain the heat even when the fire begins to fade. When it comes to leading efforts for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), we need to be able to be the embers, helping to ignite and sustain the fire for long term change.

As the number of people committed to DEI continues to grow across every industry, there is a pressing need to build a vibrant, purpose-driven community of aspiring and experienced practitioners to explore strategies for catalyzing change and maintaining well-being.

What is Ember?

Ember is designed for those who seek more than the bare bones train-the-trainer or certificate program, who are deeply invested in evolving DEI as a profession and want to guide their institutions through sustainable transformation. Participants joining Ember will become part of a cohort of change agents representing a variety of industries and fields. In addition to exploring and applying research-based DEI practices, participants will engage in deep self-reflection and provide peer coaching to explore promising practices.

What are the Objectives of Ember?

Ember seeks to build a thriving community of DEI practitioners who:

  • Are steeped in the foundational knowledge necessary to understand the true complexities of our work.
  • Are skilled in understanding human and organizational dynamics in order to adapt and design the best solutions for each context.
  • Are a loving resource for each other providing partnership, mentorship, coaching and inspiration to sustain our commitment, passion, joy, and possibility mindset. 

Who We Are

MSM Global Consulting and True Change Associates have both been on the front lines of DEI change for the last two decades. Our two companies are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations navigate the complexities of lasting systemic change and infuse DEI principles and practices at the institutional level. 

Who Should Attend

Ember is intended to be a space for DEI change agents, leaders, consultants, and practitioners at all stages of their journey. Although no minimum experience is required, we strongly recommend that participants have been professionally involved in DEI efforts for at least 3 years to have the foundational knowledge needed to engage in this rigorous and intensive program.

Program Logistics

Date: October 8-11, 2024

Location: University of Colorado – Denver, CO

Rates: $2,500 corporate, $1,750 nonprofit/education/government, $1,500.00 currently enrolled students

Register in June and receive 10% off! 

Scholarships are available. If you are interested in a scholarship please write a letter of intent to Melissa Graetz: Melissa@MSMGlobalConsulting.Com. 

What Participants Are Saying About Ember

“The opportunity to meet, support and get support from others doing this work. This work is tough and can feel lonely and the problems as they exist in our own professional worlds can feel different and extra-challenging if we don’t connect with others who understand it. This provided the much-needed affirmation that we are not alone in our challenges and in many cases, even in our approaches to the work.” 

“The most effective thing about this program was the open communication and collaborative environment that welcomed all perspectives and ideas. It allowed all participants to stay engaged and comfortably vulnerable when having tough conversations.” 

“Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Fantastic event, far exceeded my expectations, so grateful to attend.”

Schedule At a Glance

Each day of Ember builds off of the previous one, with a combination of large group discussions and learning, individual reflection, and small group facilitated dialogue. We will also have a panel of distinguished leaders in DEI representing diverse industries who will join us to explore strategies for overcoming institutional barriers to progress. 

It is only by having the courage to explore and own our full stories that we can begin to disrupt the cycle of oppression and injustice. DEI work is deeply personal. It requires introspection and vulnerability. It’s not enough to rely on research and conceptual models. This work is about putting your full humanity on display.

Together we will reflect and examine the systems of inequity and oppression in which we all have been conditioned.

We will also take time to reconnect with our purpose and renew our passion for the work.

Together we will look at DEI from a historical perspective and explore how individual actions are influenced by, and often reinforce, systems of inequity and oppression in our societies, communities, and organizations. 

Day 2 will feature an interactive panel of DEI leaders from corporate, nonprofit, and higher education to explore strategies for tackling complex systemic challenges and making meaningful progress.

We will continue to delve into the most pressing issues occurring in our own respective organizations leveraging a liberatory mindset.

This day is dedicated to embracing the power of community and co-creation. Participants will engage in small group peer coaching to support one another in exploring possibilities and designing approaches to some of their most pressing issues in their own DEI work. 

Participants will look collectively at the themes that have emerged across the three days and dive into a collaborative solutioning process to tackle some of the DEI field’s most wicked challenges. 

Registration will open on June 1st.