Going to School with Sonja Ardoin

Season 4 Episode 3
Dr. Sonja Ardoin

Sonja Ardoin grew up with this phrase loudly following behind her: “You work hard and you work a lot.” Looking at going to college and what her future held, education was the key. But when you go to college you become a doctor, a teacher, or a lawyer. Well, education became her path and passion. 

Maria and Roger speak with Dr. Ardoin about her story through higher education and what that looks like for rural students and first-generation students. The journey through higher education is challenging in many ways and as a first-generation student, those challenges are new. Sonja discusses her path on how she found a sense of belonging in a whole new world. 

The systems we create are not created with every participant in mind. The goal is finding ways to dismantle harmful systems and create more equitable access to other systems.

Learn more here: https://www.sonjaardoin.com/ 

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