Ember: Igniting and Sustaining a Community of Equity Practitioners


Did you know that the embers of a fire burn hotter than the flames? Embers not only ignite the flames to make the fire burn brightly. They sustain the heat long after the flames have flickered out. When it comes to overcoming systemic inequality and injustice, we need to be able to ignite the flames but also to tend to the embers and sustain the heat.

Why Ember?

In 2020, we saw the flames ignited, with a global focus on racial and social justice and a significant increase in organizational DEI efforts. However, when people don’t have adequate expertise and support, DEI efforts stall out or even reverse progress. On top of these challenges, the nation is more socially polarized than ever before, and DEI efforts often become a focal point of the ideological divide. 

Who We Are

MSM Global Consulting and True Change Associates have both been on the front lines of DEI change for the last two decades. Our two companies are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations navigate the complexities of lasting systemic change and infuse DEI principles and practices at the institutional level. 

What is Ember?

This is not your typical training certificate program or train the trainer. The vision for Ember is to ignite and sustain a liberated community of DEI practitioners committed to facilitating deep connections, fostering healing, and enacting change by engaging in and living out social justice, equity, and inclusion. Participants joining Ember will be part of a cohort of practitioners representing a variety of industries and fields. The program is intended to be rigorous and intensive. In addition to exploring and applying research-based DEI practices, participants will develop community in their cohort, engage in deep self-reflection, and provide peer coaching to share and explore promising practices for innovative transformation. 

Program Logistics

Date: December 12-14, 2023

Location: The Pew Research Center in Washington, DC

Rates: $2,500 corporate, $1,750 nonprofit/education/government

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