Diary of a Road Warrior


Sunday 8:00pm

Ok, I checked into my hotel. Seems decent. I’m going to unpack and sit down with my materials to prepare for tomorrow.

This is so good. I’m going to go to bed early, get a full nights’ sleep after two nights of dealing with the teething toddler. I’m going to work out, and eat egg whites and green tea for breakfast. In fact, I’m going to just do a full cleanse this week while I’m here. No wine, no dessert. Just salads and veggies and herbal teas and cucumber infused water…or really just any water. I’m going to meditate and focus on my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. And no social media…I need a break from Facebook.

Sunday 11:00pm

Been on Facebook for an hour. I have to stop and read my work materials for tomorrow morning. I am bound and determined to be well rested and well prepared for once in my life.

Monday 1:00am

Ok, I’m putting the phone down.


Wait…where is my toothpaste?! I’m too tired to go down to the front desk and ask for any. I’ll just use the hotel-provided mouthwash and get some toothpaste tomorrow.

Monday 8:00am

I meant to get out of bed at 6:30 and work out. Didn’t happen. Ok, definitely tomorrow.

How did I manage to bring 5 pairs of footwear but only 3 pairs of underwear? And where is my damn toothpaste?  I need to start making packing lists. I have to get organized. Never mind. There’s a mall near the meeting site. I can get whatever I need there.

Ok, focus. Since I didn’t read my materials last night I’ll try to skim while I drink my coffee. And eat my egg white frittata. Not the scone. No scones!!  I’m cleansing myself of all carbs, sugars, and alcohol this week.

Monday 5:00pm

Happy Hour!  I will just have one glass of wine to be social. I didn’t drink any last night. And it’s been a hectic day.

Monday 9:30pm

Two glasses of wine and a second helping of shrimp and grits at dinner. Ugh. I’m going to bed now so I can wake up early and work out. I forgot to get toothpaste at CVS but I did drag myself down to the front desk this time and they gave me a couple of toothpaste packets. So I’m good for a couple days.

Tuesday 1:30am

I just watched almost the entire first season of Transparent. This show is addictive. Ok, going to bed. I can still wake up early tomorrow and work out.

Tuesday 8:00am

I went to the gym but it was really tiny and there were only a couple machines and two sweaty guys in there and I wasn’t feeling it. I filled up my water bottle and broke the tray and decided it was a sign that I wasn’t meant to be there. Maybe I’ll go for a run tomorrow.

Tuesday 9:30pm

I had a glass of wine at happy hour, and then another here at the hotel. And they had fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. It was a long work day. I deserved one. Tried to FaceTime but the kids were manic and had no interest in talking to me. Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday 8:00am

Raining. No running for me. Damn it.

Wednesday 9:30pm

So much for temperance. Two glasses of wine and two cookies tonight. Plus a cup of chocolate covered peanuts this afternoon. And Moose Tracks ice cream at dinner. Oh well. I guess traveling is kind of like vacation…it doesn’t count, right? Wanted to FaceTime the kids but my phone died and I couldn’t find my charger. Poor hubby. I need to remember to buy him something nice.

Speaking of which, I also hit up the mall to stock up on toothpaste and undies and racked up a $200 retail bill on random costume jewelry I didn’t need. And forgot the toothpaste. Maybe I can give some of the necklaces I bought as gifts.

Thursday 9:30pm

I got so many compliments on my new necklace! Guess I can’t give it as a gift now…oops. Maybe one of the other ones.  But I really like those ones.

I had an hour to kill so I ran back to the mall to buy Christmas gifts but instead bought two dresses for myself. I’ve also fallen into the daily routine of two glasses of wine accompanied by two cookies. I lied. There were four cookies consumed. They were small. Smallish.

I have no self control.

Friday 8:30am

Thank goodness I’m going home today. This week was good but I am pretty sure I’ve gained 5 lbs, my kids don’t recognize me, my husband is about to lose his sanity, and my Amex bill is going to be sky high.

I’m going to say not to any additional travel requests for the next six months.

Friday 11:00am

Hey, guess what? I’m going to Bangkok!

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