Culture Stew Season 4 – Launches Today!

Welcome Back!

We are so excited for you to join us in Season 4 of Culture Stew!

This season we’re spotlighting more guests who aren’t necessarily DEI practitioners but are exploring and incorporating DEI in a wide variety of industries.

This work can’t just live in the small but mighty community of people who make DEI our career. It’s exciting to see so many people taking ownership and doing creative work around social justice, equity, and inclusion in fields like the fitness industry, community engagement and organizing, animal welfare, and personal wellness and therapy.

We will continue to share the stories of our hosts, Maria Morukian and Roger Moreano, and how they shape how we show up in this work. Like we say in the intro, we are not one dimensional and multiple realities exist, so we aim to ask the questions we are wrestling with, provide resources for further learning, and hopefully share the wisdom that we have gained during this process.

We’re looking to you for help in how to shape this podcast for you! What areas do you want to learn more about? Who are you looking to hear from? How are you engaging in this work? What questions do you have? Anything you feel like sending to us – email us at Culture Stew@MSMGlobalConsulting.Com – This is for all Culture Stew resources including the newsletter and the blog!

Join us for another season of learning, laughter, and listening to fascinating stories.
Let’s go and let’s get to work.

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