Subtle Acts of Exclusion: Dr. Michael Baran Talks About How Micro Messages Can Have a Macro Impact

In today’s episode I interviewed Dr. Michael Baran, who is the co-author of the book, Subtle Acts of Exclusion. Michael is a Senior Partner and Digital Solutions Lead at inQUEST Consulting, He brings innovation and deep understanding to wide audiences, helping them think, lead, and interact inclusively. In addition to his consulting, Michael has taught at Harvard University and […]

Ruth Littlejohn: Affinity Groups for African American and White Women to Talk About Race

Ruth Littlejohn is an organizational development consultant, executive coach and change management facilitator, as well as a spiritual leader. Her most recent work involves facilitating affinity groups for African American and White women to have a safe space to engage in critical conversations about race with people of the same identity group.

Connecting Cultures: Luby Ismail

Lobna “Luby” Ismail, founder and president of Connecting Cultures, is a facilitator and storyteller who has trained thousands of law enforcement officials and federal agencies on Arab culture and Muslim identity. In addition to her work in building cultural competence around Islam, Luby is also an advocate for disability rights. You can find her at […]

The Humanizing Initiative: Building Leadership Skills for the Workplace of the Future

Dr. Shaista Khiliji is a professor at George Washington University and the the Director of the OLL program. Along with her colleagues Jason Smith, Mia Amato Caliendo, and Zoe King, she is founding the Humanizing Initiative, which serves to develop more humanistic and inclusive leaders that foster organizational cultures that promote human dignity and well-being. […]

Humanistic Leadership: Prioritizing Human Dignity and Well Being for Better Business Results

Dr. Shaista Khiliji is a professor of Human and Organizational Learning and International Affairs at George Washington University. Her research focuses on issues related to Macro Talent Development, Diversity & Inclusion, humanizing organizations/ leadership, and individual experiences with inequality.

Holding the Long Note

What do we do in this moment of heaviness, when the rage and pain and heartache has hit such a fever pitch in our society? Musical groups practice staggered breathing, where they rotate breathing among themselves to create one strong, continuous melody.  If we believe we’re all in this together, and we want to address […]