Anniversaries: Love and Loss

May is a weird month. Both my parents died in May. But they also got married in May. I have many bittersweet moments during this month.

Today marks five years since my dad’s death. These days somehow creep up on me every year. Often I forget until mid way through the day. But I find myself thinking more of them, sharing random stories of them with others. I guess my self conscious recalls even when the rest of me is going 100 miles a minute.

Strangely, these days don’t make me morose or teary…well ok, maybe a little teary. Mainly I feel more serene, determined to live without so much self-imposed stress. I hear Pops in my mind saying, “Jeeeeezus Chrrrrist, honey, it’s ok! Just relax and enjoy.”

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  1. Laura

    Cutest picture of him ever…we need to do a legit Dia De Los Vadush!

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