“A Dog Called Diversity” with Lisa Mulligan

In this insightful episode, Maria and Roger sit down with Lisa Mulligan, the founder and Director of The Culture Ministry. With a rich background spanning 20 years in global organizations, Lisa is a seasoned professional in human resources, organizational change, and Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). Her dream of establishing a pragmatic and experienced business offering D&I consultancy and support services has come to fruition through The Culture Ministry. Lisa’s expertise extends across devising D&I strategies, implementing inclusion initiatives, and providing credible governance reporting. She is also the host of the popular podcast ‘A Dog Called Diversity,’ where she explores diverse stories to foster understanding and kindness.

During the episode, Maria and Roger delve into Lisa’s extensive experience over the past decade. Lisa has been instrumental in supporting the development and work of employee network groups, addressing issues such as gender, LGBTIQ+, race, and disability. The conversation covers Lisa’s role in devising D&I strategy, implementing initiatives, and responding to race discrimination, including the impactful work related to Black Lives Matter. Listeners gain valuable insights into Lisa’s credible governance reporting, board paper preparation, and market research contributions to boards and executive teams.

A key takeaway from the episode is Lisa’s dedication to building a more inclusive world. Through her podcast, ‘A Dog Called Diversity,’ she provides a platform for people to share stories of being a bit different, fostering understanding and kindness. The episode highlights the importance of addressing topics such as disability, mental health, racism, LGBTIQ+ issues, and gender stereotypes in the broader context of Diversity & Inclusion.

Don’t miss this engaging episode with Lisa Mulligan! Tune in to ‘A Dog Called Diversity’ to explore the diverse narratives that contribute to a more inclusive society. Connect with Lisa and learn more about her impactful work at The Culture Ministry and follow @thecultureministry on LinkedIn. Take the first step towards greater understanding and kindness by immersing yourself in the world of Diversity & Inclusion through Lisa’s unique perspective.


More about Lisa and The Culture Ministry: https://www.thecultureministry.com/about

A Dog Called Diversity: https://adogcalleddiversity.buzzsprout.com/

2022 Inaugural APAC Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Salary Survey Report: https://www.thecultureministry.com/2022-apac-di-salary-survey

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